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09-28-2017, 12:06 PM
Mike Wyldie ~ wyldie, from Down Under has been working on his '60 Convertible. Presently, he is doing inner rocker replacement and here is what he had to say, along with some pix...

"Hi ray, been working on my inner rockers, plan on doing a full write up at the end, but thought you might like some photos of progress

What I did was cut the old rocker out. Now at the front there is a slight twist towards the centre of the car, as you can see I have cut and bent then rewelded to 2x4 to fit flush into the channel.

Turns out the inner rocker channel that you see on the car has a slight angle to it so if you want the 2x4 to sit flush in the cars original rocker channel the 2x4 will end up sitting on a slight angle. This isn't an option I went with. I wanted the 2x4 to sit square with the floor not the inner rocker channel.

I also had quite a fair bit of rust behind the front passenger wheel, so I'm actually bringing the inner rocker right round to behind the front wheel to meet up with the engine bay frame. Then I will build the original chassis frame around the 2x4.

When installing the inner rocker down the side of the car, what I did was place a jack in the middle of the new 2x4 jacked the car up till the door gaps was correct, the drilled holes every 70mm apart along the top and did plug welds, and then did the same along the sides.

Probably over killed it with the plug welds, but seems to have done the trick. Let the jack down and the door gaps have closed up a bit. I believe once I fix the chassis frame behind the front wheel the door gaps should be %100.

When I jack the car by the new rockers the door gaps are opening up about 2-3mm, I believe this is due to the noise of the car dropping down due to the flex in my frame rails (lack of frame as you can see in the pics I've cut a fair bit out behind the wheel). Will keep you up to date. But so far rocker repairs going well. Mike"

I am looking forward to putting his Tech Tips on Rocker replacement in the TRL when he has finished! Here are the pix that Mike sent me...