View Full Version : I Need Pix 4 2018 Squarebirds Calendar

09-07-2017, 12:11 AM
I am faced with the same problem I had last year. Insufficient entries for consideration for the 2018 Squarebirds Calendar... So far, I only have 7 entries, of which FOUR of them I am not able to consider because the pix I have are way to small to be considered. I have emailed those four owners and informed them that for me to consider their Tbird for the upcoming calendar, I need larger, high defination pix. As it stands now, it is entirely possible that I will not be able to put out a calendar this year, UNLESS those of you who have not had their Tbird chosen in the past, send me better quality pix. For guidance on how to pose your Tbird, and what settings to use on your camera, see the Anything Goes Forum. For posing and picture taking guidelines, look at the Squarebird Calendar Picture Guidelines. To see how other Tbird owners posed their Tbirds in the past, take a look at the Past & Present Squarebird Calendars thread.

You still have time get your pix into me to consider. I usually get serious about starting the selection process in October, with the goal of having the calendar created prior to Christmas. I know that a number of you like to give them out as Christmas gifts. So, if you would like a shot at having your Tbird selected for 2018, please get those pix into me. You have a much better chance of being selected this year because you do not have many other Tbirds to compete against. Should I not get enough pix of Tbirds that have not been selected before, I may have to go back and pick some of the best from past years. I would rather not do that. BTW, I accept pix of ALL years of Tbirds, 1955-2005. There is no restrictions, other than you must be a member of this Forum and agree to have your Tbird featured. You agree to that by sending me pix to consider....

09-11-2017, 08:42 PM
I have picked up three more Tbird that qualify for consideration. That gives me a total of 7 so far. I need 5 more, plus a good picture of nothing but Tbirds parked together at a Show & Shine for the front cover. For those who would like to have your Tbird considered, please read what I posted in the first post regarding this and get your pix submitted to me ASAP..

09-21-2017, 08:17 PM
I am just three pix away from being able to put out a 2018 Squarebirds.org Calendar with Tbirds that have not been featured before... I am really in need of good photographs of a RED Convertible, any year, 1955-2005, preferably with the top down... I have already made most of my selections, but need those final three. This is the best chance in years to have your Tbird selected for the Calendar. Over the years, I have always had selections left over, but after doing this since 2007, it appears I am running out of candidates that have not been considered before. Once again, look in this Forum for the links on how to pose the car, and set the camera for the best pix to send me. Take a look at the calendars in the link on this Forum from 2007-2017. These must be large file sized, high definition pix, 2000-6000pixels (2MP-6MP) in the 4x3 format, that will fit an 11"x8.5" calendar frame... Email me with what ya got!

09-26-2017, 08:30 PM
I am just one more pic away from having 12 Tbirds for the 2018Squarebirds Calendar. I still would like to have someone submit a RED Tbird, because I like using red for the month of July. However, whoever gets me pix first, is what counts. I have already made my tentative selections... Read below and in this Forum on how to pose the car and set your camera. Also look at how past winners posed theirs, in the 2008-2017 Calendars...