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08-19-2017, 09:34 PM
Hi All,
Does anyone know where to find either NOS , OEM or just good quality used fittings from a 1959 - 352 intake manifold T Bird?
I am in need of the front temp sensor fitting and also the 90 degree elbow fitting nearest the oil breather on the top of the manifold that connects to the heater.
Mine are both rotted out. My Bird is grounded now.
I would include some "quality photos" :eek: of each....if I could figure out how to do that. It's all Chinese to me trying to attach a photo :confused:
Anyways thanks for any help on this .
Oh, about that photo thing? I guess I figured it out. Never mind :rolleyes:

08-19-2017, 09:51 PM
All the Thunderbird vendors carry the temp unit adapter. Here it is from Mac's:

As for the heater outlet pipe check NAPA. They usually carry a number of different size water outlets.


08-19-2017, 10:07 PM
Excellent John!
Funny I was on MACs earlier today looking for the part, but just couldn't find it. I found everything else I didn't really need, but not those fittings. That's because they are not "Fittings"! Wrong verbage, I need an adapter and a pipe check water outlet. Mmmm parts and pieces and pieces and parts....
Thank you!
I'll check NAPA also.

08-20-2017, 09:20 PM
Try The Birds Nest. I needed the 90 fitting for my engine overhaul. Its called the water pump to heater hose pipe 90 part # 18599S for $16.95. I also see the temperature sending T fitting part # 10911 for $24.95. (2016 catalog)