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07-13-2017, 12:45 PM
Recently, I had ordered a couple of Cat6 Ethernet Cables from China and received them. Today in the mail, my postman rang my doorbell and handed me a long tube about 30" long and a half inch in diameter from China! I opened it up, and unrolled a BIG silk screen photograph, 29 1/2"x19 3/4". It is the "Yellow Rose Of Texas" aka "Tweety Bird"! It was the picture I took some years back of her & my friend Phil Cline's RV-6A "Dream Catcher" kit plane he built. He had flown it into a Drive In/Fly In event. Apparently, my Tbird is known all over the world, because, from time to time, people send me pix of her from various parts of the world. Now I need to find me a BIG frame to put this in! I gather the person in China I ordered from sent this to me as a gift. We have a lot of Guests from around the world looking at our Forum all the time, including many from that country. Here is that picture! It is the one I posted in the 2011 Squarebirds.org Calendar!

bird 60
07-13-2017, 09:03 PM
Hey Ray, looking really good. As Gomer Pyle would have said, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.:D

Chris.....From OZ.

Ladysmith Bob
07-13-2017, 09:44 PM
Glad you got it Ray - If it came in a 1" white pvc pipe I guess I am the guilty party - I ordered one for me and I thought you might like one too.

07-14-2017, 01:50 AM
Wow! Thank you, Bob! Yes, it was in a pvc tubing, nearly an inch in diameter! That was very kind of you to do so, and I very much appreciate it! Apparently, one of the many Chinese Guests on the Forum found that picture on the Internet and had that photograph silk screened. At least, I gather that is what you would call it, a silk screen picture. That was quite the surprise! Thank you again!