View Full Version : Spectra Tbird Gas Tanks & Parts

07-04-2017, 12:40 PM
Here is information on the Spectra Company in Canada, the company that manufacturers Tbird fuel tanks.


Contact Information: http://www.spectrapremium.com/contact_us.html

Their eCatalog: http://ecat.spectrapremium.com/

If you are Canadian, here is where you can buy their fuel tanks and parts from in Canada.

"You can go in any Napa, CARQUEST, O’reilly, Advance, Canadian tire and many more. If you have any other question please call us on the tech line 1-888-910-8888. Thank you
Marc-André Fecteau"

In the US and overseas, you can order fuel tanks from most all the Tbird parts houses, off eBay, Rock Auto w/your 5% discount.