View Full Version : Alberta Special Collector Car Appreciation-6-14-17

06-30-2017, 04:44 PM
Dan Leavens just passed this onto me!

"Ray now we have our own Special Collector Car Appreciation day July 14, 2017 in Alberta. It is about time.

Posted by Transport Minister McLean / Minister of motor vehicle registry / policy and regulations.

Good news Just in time!!!!

We will have a provincial government declaration for Collector Car Appreciation Day in Alberta.

I have been working with Stephanie McLean, Cabinet Minister in charge of Service Alberta (motor vehicle registry, policy and regulations) since last September on getting Alberta Provincial Government recognition for Collector Car Appreciation Day.

She got it done in nine months which I believe was quite remarkable considering she had to get familiarized with the subject and having to work this through the government channels."


I know of several who want to ride shotgun with her!!!:D:D:D