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06-11-2017, 10:36 PM
Yep - this one is way off topic - good thing we have an "Anything Goes" category - :D.

So I went out to watch the International Space Station go across the sky tonight. Been watching it every chance I get for a long time. Kind of amazes me that folks are flying across space looking down at me looking up at them.:rolleyes:

If you're interested - here's the link to check when it might fly over your area.

But... missed it tonight for some reason...my clock could have been off a bit....went out at the last minute. While I was waiting though I watched another satellite go across - basically from North to South. Have watched satellites and stars etc from this old deck at my house since I was a kid and my neighbor and I could always depend on seeing the satellite that travels North to South across the sky. Of course we were on the look-out for alien space ships zipping across ...... then it hit me .......I wonder if that is the SAME satellite I've been watching for 40+ years !!!!!!!!!

Just a thought. May try and figure out which bird it is and see how long it has been up there.