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Joe Johnston
05-18-2017, 05:22 PM

SS “Peak” trim. 6 pcs both sides fenders, qtrs, and doors. $100
Driver and Passenger door hinges 4 pcs $50
Hood scoop insert & 2 chrome grills $40
Front bumper (or grill) guard $75
6 wheel covers with spinners $60
sun visors 3 pair for $75
Steering wheel, horn ring & center $50
Console cover (lid) vinyl is cracked but recoverable FREE
AM Radio (not tested at this time) $50
Rear Qtr windows with frames $50
Console ash tray & cover $25
Rear Bumper center section $75
2 Gas Cap Covers on bumper FREE
Door lights (good housings) pitted chrome $20
Convertible top hyd pump (tested, runs, clean) $100
E-brake assy and 2 manual window lifts $30

May be adding more to this list!

All parts are used and buyer pays shipping from 34219 (near Tampa, FL)

Please ask questions!!! Accurate descriptions and quality pictures will be gladly sent to your e-mail address. Contact me here by message or not4winter@yahoo.com
All responses will be first come first serve by message time & date
Thank you for your consideration.

Joe Johnston
05-21-2017, 07:56 PM
Convertible hyd pump - SALE PENDING