View Full Version : interchangealbe fenders from 60 through 63?

05-03-2017, 10:12 AM

I am newbie to the Falcon's (although thoroughly vetted on the Mustang's over the years) That being said, I purchased a 1960 Falcon and need a a front driver side fender. Digging into the fenders and fitment it appears that the 1960 through 1963 might all be interchangeable between these years??? I cannot confirm/find anything definitive therefore I am reaching out to you for assistance since the vast majoirty of parts that are available are 1962 and 1963 models. Thanks in advacne for your help


05-03-2017, 03:50 PM
The fenders are not interchangeable from '60 to '63. '60 and '61 are the same but '62 and '63 are different. The area around the headlights and grill are different. You may be able to change the entire front end if you want to go that route but just the fenders themselves aren't interchangeable.