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04-15-2017, 08:52 PM
hi everyone!

With the help of a number of people, I have all the parts lined up to rebuild my shifter mechanism.

Among the parts I bought is a new shift collar from Larry's. It is in a nice teal sort of color. I really like teal. Unfortunately the interior of my '58 is in red.

Can anyone recommend a spray can of red that will provide a good match to the original?


04-15-2017, 09:20 PM
The problem is that your steering column is probably sun faded so a color that may be a good match for one person's car may not match yours. SEM Portola Red is a good match for the original upholstery color but you may have to paint the entire steering column and not just the new shift collar. My suggestion is to take your old shift collar to a store that has a large selection of paint and see if you can find something close in a spray can.


04-15-2017, 11:45 PM
John, fade is my middle name . . . An orange touch seems to have evolved over the years.

I have had some luck with Testor's Dullcote to reduce the newness of paint.

Repainting the entire column seems like a terrific idea! Thanks!


04-16-2017, 12:07 AM
The SEM Portola Red is a vinyl spray but it works just as well on metal. I've used it on just about every part of the interior. It doesn't have a high gloss so you shouldn't have a problem with it looking too new.


04-16-2017, 01:15 AM
I painted the inside window surrounds on my '66 and had the rattle cans made up at a local paint shop that has a paint matching service.

I took off the gas filler cover and took it to the paint shop for them to use to colour match the paint.

Totally satisfied with the end result.

04-16-2017, 02:12 PM
The teal color I believe is just a primer coat. I used Rustoleum "Heritage Red" low sheen. I was happy with the results, however I did paint the entire column to get a good match. As Jopizz already stated, it would be hard to color match faded paint.
Forgot to say, Happy Easter to All.

04-16-2017, 09:09 PM
I've been very lucky because the interior of mine is semi-gloss black, and Duplicolor Ford Black engine paint matched perfectly. A guy owed me a favor and powder coated my steering column.

04-16-2017, 10:31 PM
Nyles, thank you and Happy Easter to everyone!

Never would have occurred to me that the teal was a primer.

Yadkin, you are a lucky man!

I will definitely paint the whole thing one color.