View Full Version : Group 27 vs 29 Battery Hold Down Clamp

04-15-2017, 10:04 AM
My Group 27 battery was dead and Interstate only had a Group 29 replacement available. When I got the battery home I found that the original Group 27 (offset holes) hold down was not going to fit. The Group 29 was 1/4" or so too wide.

I was able to get a repro Group 29 (inline holes) hold down but it doesn't line up quite the way I thought it should. Thanks to Carl Heller for providing the pictures from the Specification book that show the two versions of the hold down. I took pictures of mine to compare. Due to the different distance from the upper left corner of the hold down to the left hand bolt hole on the two hold downs, the bolt ends up at an odd angle even with the Group 29 battery pushed all the way in towards to rad in the tray. Am I doing something wrong ? Does any one else have a group 29 with proper holder and bolts? Is your left bolt at an angle when secured? Does anyone have an adjustable hold down?

First pic shows orig grp 27 and repro grp 29, second pic is upper left corner bolt holes, third is spec page and last is right side bolt holes

04-15-2017, 10:48 AM
Here's a picture of my original battery hold down. As you can see the battery sits at an angle in the tray; not straight as the group 27 battery does. That's why the ears are spaced differently.


04-15-2017, 11:26 AM
Interesting. I was just thinking the 29 group battery had to be placed at an angle. If you don't like that, I would return the battery and find a 27F as that's the HD group size battery. I bought a correct group size replacement from a local company that didn't put their name on it, and I was able to put a "Power Punch" decal on the plain case.

Several times I've bought replacement Diehard batteries from Sears and they'd sell me a "correct" replacement from a smaller group. I thought that good because it smaller and lighter. Bull.