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eddy blackstar
04-14-2017, 05:03 AM
Im after some front black leather seat trim sets for a 1960 squarebird .Or is it best to get made up at a trim shop in australia
Cheers eddy

04-14-2017, 09:13 AM
Eddy, as you probably already know, leather seats for a '60 Squarebird are expensive. When you add in the cost and then the cost to ship them to you, you might very well be better off having them built there, using your present seat covers as the pattern.. Thunderbird Hqs has leather front seat covers for $952. I found NO listing on their website that I found that shows rear leather seat covers available. Here is the link to that.

http://www.tbirdhq.com/pc_combined_results.asp?tab=product&search_prod=((searchlike~p.sku~leather|Or|searchli ke~p.nm~leather|Or|searchlike~p.ds~leather|Or|sear chlike~p.search_terms~leather|Or|searchlike~p.sear chfield1~leather|Or|searchlike~p.searchfield5~leat her|Or|searchlike~pa.sku_alias~leather|Or|searchli ke~pa.nm_alias~leather|Or|searchlike~pa.ds_alias~l eather)|And|(searchlike~p.sku~seat|Or|searchlike~p .nm~seat|Or|searchlike~p.ds~seat|Or|searchlike~p.s earch_terms~seat|Or|searchlike~p.searchfield1~seat |Or|searchlike~p.searchfield5~seat|Or|searchlike~p a.sku_alias~seat|Or|searchlike~pa.nm_alias~seat|Or |searchlike~pa.ds_alias~seat)|And|(searchlike~p.sk u~covers|Or|searchlike~p.nm~covers|Or|searchlike~p .ds~covers|Or|searchlike~p.search_terms~covers|Or| searchlike~p.searchfield1~covers|Or|searchlike~p.s earchfield5~covers|Or|searchlike~pa.sku_alias~cove rs|Or|searchlike~pa.nm_alias~covers|Or|searchlike~ pa.ds_alias~covers)|Or|searchlike~p.child_rollup_s earch_terms~leather%20seat%20covers|Or|searchlike~ p.search_terms~leather%20seat%20covers)&search_keyword=leather%20seat%20covers

The Bird Nest lists them available, but you would have to contact them to get a price. I would imagine they will be in the same ballpark figure as Tbird Hqs...

04-14-2017, 11:49 AM
Concours Parts has the full set listed for $1604.95. Any good upholstery shop should be able to make you similar covers for less. The factory covers have vertical pleats which should be easy to reproduce.


04-14-2017, 03:49 PM
My experience with seat covers and foam was not a good one. I bought all new foam from one of our vendors and seat covers from another vendor. At first, I thought I could do the install. Wrong! I put an old seat cover on, just to move the car around, while I was working on it and quickly realized that upholstery is not my thing. I took it to an upholstery shop to have them installed and almost doubled the price of the parts. Then if there was any problem, or something I didn't like, the upholstery shop reminded me that they didn't make the covers or the foam. Bottom line is, if I had to do it over, I would let a good upholstery shop do the job start to finish and it would have ended up costing me a lot less.

04-14-2017, 04:03 PM
If your Tbird has the original foam seat cushions in place, it would be a good idea to replace them also if you change seat covers too. As Nyles mentioned, this may very well be a job that you leave to a professional. Instead of ordering new foam cushions you might just have your interior guy make you new ones.. You will probably save some money there, especially on the shipping costs.

04-16-2017, 09:05 PM
I has my front and rear seats done in top grain leather with stitching to match the original. At first I agreed on matching vinyl for the sides for $1500 but the upholsterer didn't like the vinyl that came in so I ended up spending another $300 for full leather.

eddy blackstar
04-20-2017, 05:07 AM
found a great guy here will do the front seats full leather, refoam, redo the springs for $900 AU
cheers eddy

04-20-2017, 08:47 AM
Eddy, it sounds like you found a good source to do that work. Do try to get some references from him, or find some comments on his website, if he has one. Or see what your version of the Better Business Bureau there, might have to say about the quality of his work, or lack thereof.. See if you can find other classic car owners that he has done work for and find out what they have to say.