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04-07-2017, 03:24 AM
Intalled the 3G on the Bird, using the stock Generator bracket. It took a little welding, but if you have access, its pretty simple.
I removed the pulley from the old generator and put it in the lathe, and cut the fan blades off. The 3g has it's own internal fan. My future plan is to use an oversized pulley, but this works for now. And you don't necessarily have to cut the blades off.
I elongated the hole that bolts the bracket to the side of the block by 3/4" back towards the rear of the car. This allows you to push the set up forward to align pulleys.
Then I took the top bracket that comes from the water pump, to the generator bracket, (upright vertical piece) and took the bend out. With it being straight it pushes the bracket out 1/4". Again you don't necessarily need to do this, but you will need another spacer.

Back to the lathe, I machined one spacer at
-2 1/2" to fit between the alternator and the rear dog ear of the bracket that bolts to the block.
2 x 1/8" washers go in between the water pump and vertical bracket.
I then cut out a piece of 3/16 steel, "half round"
Welded at the corner where the bottom and vertical bracket meets, for my adjuster. It wraps half way around the alternator (much like C.R.A.P's adjuster bracket) Milled in a slotted hole for adjustment, and viola. 3G in 1960 Thunderbird. So far the pulley lines up perfect. The cool thing is, it's adjustable back and forth to perfectly align the pulleys. I have room for adjustment in both directions. With everything locked down and tight, it runs smooth. I'm sure other cars will be a bit different in spacing, but after you elongate the hole for the block mount, you can pull measurements.
I hope someone can use this too. The best thing about using the old bracket is, i can slide it back, and still mount a generator if ever the desire too. Thanks, Audie Draper.

04-07-2017, 04:22 AM
I love this setup. Audie, I'm sure a lot of folks will look closely when they finally retrofit an alternator.

Audie is using a Ford 3G (130-amp) alternator. eBay offers them for US$68 (to your door) with a warranty and no core exchange or charge. The listing is: FORD MUSTANG THUNDERBIRD COUGAR ALTERNATOR REMAN 94-97
Two additional cables must be purchased and are available at rockauto.com or your local auto parts store. Look for both of these pigtails:

Why 130 amps? Because at idle, it puts out enough to run an electric fan.

Audie used a machine shop to take advantage of existing Squarebird engine holes. This setup puts the new alternator in the generator's original position with plenty of room. Great job.

I used a slightly larger-diameter pulley (from an old Chevy) for more belt contact. The small OEM generator pulley will squeal until the battery is charged. - Dave

04-07-2017, 04:54 AM
Huge thanks to Dave (simplyconnected) for putting these part numbers in my hand.
These were at my door in a matter of days and the Bird was only down for a week. Yes I drive it everywhere...