View Full Version : Heater blower motor

Silent Thunder
03-28-2017, 09:10 AM
I have a 1965 non AC car and the heater blower motor only works on high. Is the motor accessible from the firewall or do you need to remove the heater box? Any input would be helpful.

03-28-2017, 10:36 AM
The motor is only one speed. There is a resistor on top of the heater box that changes the speed. That or the switch is most likely your problem. You can see the resistor in the picture although it's not marked. It's the part above the temperature regulator lever that has the pins sticking out. You need to remove the passenger side lower dash trim to get access to it.


03-28-2017, 12:10 PM
if its similar to my 66 a/c, i didn't need to remove any dash components, just went under neath the dash and removed the 6-8 screws from the front of the heater box to get at it

Silent Thunder
04-02-2017, 04:41 PM
Thank you this is very helpful