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03-20-2017, 02:19 AM
I was going through ancient family papers and I found this paper trail from Dec. 1949, a year before I was born (in Chicago). Dad was 38 yrs-old when he bought his first new car, a 1950 Ford Custom Tudor:


It appears he traded-in a 1937 Pontiac. I know he bought this car 'used' and it couldn't have been 'much' at $225.

Dad's writing flags out 'ignition' and 'trunk' but I have no idea, why. Dad wasn't one to buy any options but I see a forced air heater and undercoating. I don't know what 'Group B Accessories are. Nowhere does it mention a flathead V-8.

52 months later, Dad traded this car for another new Ford from the same dealer but at a different address:


I remember this car very well, it's the one Mom learned how to drive. I'm the last of five so a 9-passenger station wagon makes sense. I know he bought this off the dealer's showroom floor.

It's a Country Sedan, Mileage Maker Six w/standard column shift. Again, he liked a forced air heater and undercoating but this also had manual trans with OVERDRIVE. No PS, no PB, no carpet. The rest was bare bones for $2,600 out the door. Where's the tax and destination charge? Where are the documentation, title, registration and financing fees? Nope, none of the above. Dad used cash and a driver's license wasn't a requirement. Dealerships taught countless buyers how to drive. Driver's Education was non-existent.

So I figured out, Dad lost $802 over 4-yrs., & 4-months. That's about $15 per month. He got $927 for the '50 but probably could have done better selling the car on his own. This is odd to me because my Dad was a salesman. He NEVER sold a car, 'by owner'.

The trade-in tells more about the 1950 Custom V-8 than the original order. That would be a neat car to have today. - Dave

03-20-2017, 02:58 AM
Dave, what a terrific find and a neat bit of history on your Dad's cars. That is really something special to have found!

Dan Leavens
03-21-2017, 08:52 AM
Dave now that is way too cool. Especially that it brings back some early memories:D

03-21-2017, 09:07 AM
Nice !!!!

I've got tons of maintenance stuff on the Tbird from way back but no bill of sale or window sticker - rats.

Yea - having a 50 Ford flathead V8 would be fun.
Alexanders friend that I met at a Cruise-in in Stanley NC a few years back was either driving or riding in one - an extremely nice one.


Maybe the reason for the trade even at a loss was because "Mom" needed a family car - :D (aka - it was your fault) :D

Think those were the numbers stamped on the keys and he just identified them so that if he needed to replace one he would know "which was which"?

Thanks Dave...