View Full Version : History Of The Tonneau Cover

03-03-2017, 08:48 PM
New Forum Tbird owner, Martin Brugmans ~ OUR5T8BIRD has been a Tbird owner for many years, (owns a '58, '66, '97 and an '03) and he knew Alexander Sosiak long before Alexander started Lincolns Of Distinction (LOD) and then Squarebirds.org. Martin has been going to the Carlisle events for many years. Some time ago, he wrote a history of the tonneau cover and provided me with it. The company that created it is still with us today, but it is now known as T-Bird Products, who sell Little Bird parts. They no longer sell the tonneau cover. You will find them listed in the Advertisements Forum. Pat Wilson sells them now. Here is what Martin wrote some time ago and sent me for publishing it. Thank you, Martin.