View Full Version : Hood Hinge Reassembly

02-25-2017, 02:34 PM
I searched the forum on this topic and did not see any "how-to" threads so I thought I would post this.

I had taken my hood hinges apart for a good cleaning, blasting and primer awhile back. Now I want to put my hood back on the car before it gets damaged sitting around the garage, but was struggling to get the hinges back together.

Nyles (~Tbird1044) had done the same thing and offered some advice through a private message, with some cautionary warnings about the safety (or lack thereof :o) of this method.

I attached a come along to my workbench with a sturdy lag screw, then did the same to the hinge several feet away. Then used 1/8" wire rope and 2 quick links to "grab" the spring. Then just cranked on the come along until the spring had compressed far enough to get the pin inserted.

It did take a few "creative" touches to get it to work...For example, I mounted the hinge close enough to a sturdy metal shear to act as a brace to keep the hinge arms from moving too much.

I certainly wore some protective gear while doing it and would recommend the same for anyone trying it.

Here are some pictures...please reply with any suggestions or better, safer methods.