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I came across this on FB this AM. Seems like there is some new information about the '60 and racing noted in this statement and the Hemmings link. Fact check anyone?

Mark N Ruby Mccollough‎
1958 to 1966 Ford Thunderbird
13 hrs

Grandfather bought this in 1967... Stored it in 1972... I got it out of storage fall of 2015 and on the road spring of 2016... 352-300 HP, 3 speed manual, no over drive, 3.70:1 rear end, manual brakes, manual steering other differences.. no radio, no antenna, crank windows one mirror... the list goes on... we had it looked at by a major auction house with connections to others... and what we think this is... a 1960 race ready Thunderbird. 110 were made and the first 50 or so were probably sold to NASCAR race teams.. the rest were quietly made and shipped to different dealers as a basic striped down T Bird to satisfy NASCAR's need to bring about 100 of them to get the stock car designation.... this one is all original and complete. I have just completed some slight body work to conserve the car.... it has low mileage and runs pretty well. the oil sticker pic is when my grandfather changed the oil in 1968 at our family car repair shop... the car is a beast to drive... not for the faint of heart.... here is a article Hemmings motor news put out on these rare TBirds.... https://www.hemmings.com//Asunder--Bird---196/1730112.html
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Your link no workie...

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"Thunderbirds with the 430-cu.in. Lincoln V-8 with 10.0:1 compression ratios and 350 horsepower, which, for all the tire-gobbling excess weight it groaned onto the front end, might as well have been an Alco diesel. Plus, the Lincoln V-8 engine had two inherent flaws for racing: hydraulic lifters, and... main bearings that didn't like extended high-rpm runs.
By 1960, Ford had switched to a new R-code version of its 352-cu.in. lnterceptor V-8 from its FE (Ford-Edsel) engine family. for racing applications, with solid lifters, 10.6:1 compression ratio, 360hp and appreciably less weight."

So, they got more HP from a 352 than they did from a 430 AND a weight reduction. Now you know why I suggest building a 390 and not the 430. Parts are much more available for the 390 FE (especially aluminum components), they are less expensive and the 390 can easily make more HP than the MEL 'Bulldozer'.

To be clear, I don't hate the 430 but I think it is far too expensive to build properly, while period-correct FE engines are plentiful. - Dave