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02-06-2017, 11:26 AM
Started a new thread for "searchability", keeping it
separate from my brake and suspension
upgrade/rebuild which is here


Valves I've looked at so far.



Appears to be a true combination valve, but is also Chevy
based and not very period correct looking. At least it is new,
but not always a good thing if made in china.


70's truck combination valve. I have one that
came off a working 78 bronco.


http://i1093.photobucket.com/albums/i424/ultrastang68/picture_php_pictureid_45235_30b7ce360f435589fd52a3 472df56e99c8589b6c_zpsc6f07218.jpg

Also a true combination valve.


80's fox body.


I have one of these also, from an 84 fox LTD LX (5.0)
Looks like they eliminated metering to front disks.
Not sure why in the 80's ford suddenly decided
that part of the valve was no longer needed.

I am leaning towards the 70's truck one.
I like the cast iron look and it is a real ford
part (even if really, really, old).

02-06-2017, 08:56 PM
I recognize that valve as a GM-type, not Ford. To be more accurate, I don't believe Ford or GM ever made any of these valves as they were 'purchased parts'.

Piratejack.net sells the valve you show for under $60 (including a bleeder tool). This is a common MBM part, known as a brass PV-2. (http://mbmbrakes.com/pv2-gm-disc-drum-proportioning-valve-brass/) I'm not promoting any particular vendor but I always welcome suggestions for this valve at more attractive prices. Anywhere near a hundred bucks it outrageous.

Don't forget to buy the pigtail for the electrical connection. - Dave