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12-10-2016, 03:44 AM
Doing some reading on carbs because I don't think my edelbrock is any good. Sometimes it lets the car run fine whil other times it has power loss and will fade away if you push the pedal too quickly. If I am sitting to long idling it backs up flooding. It and the gas fumes are very strong. Another thing with it, it uses an adapter plate which makes it sit too high up to put the factory air cleaner. In Thunderbird catalogs they say the Holley 9510 is the original carb. Now my car starts almost instantly as soon as you turn the key it's starts nice smooth idle. I think it backs up only if it is under load, I want to get back the oomph in it. I know it's really not going to be a race car even if it has the 430 but aibwant to be able to give it a hard gas every no and then for things like pulling out into a road when traffic is coming.

The other thing I am looking at is chrome parts such as Bumpsrs, scoop vent, rear eyebrows and headlight bezels maybe even the skirts. Would be nice to have these parts chrome. But mainly I'm wanting a set of troop bumpers until I can afford to have my own bumpers.

Someone on he squarebird group had talked about removing dash bezels. I could have sworn they said grab it firmly and turn while pulling and it comes off just like that. (It didn't work for me)
I am starting getting the car ready for paint. So I'm also trying to get things done before it's time to go to the shop. I'm trying to save money by removing bumpers, emblems or anything else that needs removed. I'm buying all the weatherstripping, fire retardant pads under the hood and window rubbers in the mean time plus moving the mirrors to a proper location so I can actually see out of them. 2 main things I want to to do is the heater core and wiper motor. I'm going to see if it's just the air lines or the motor itself that is gummed up. If sobIm going to buy the electric wiper motor which will eventually happen anyway but I have so much stuff to do and too little money to do things so I have to work with what I have for now. I want to do the wipers and the heater core done at the same time because they so close together.

12-10-2016, 10:44 AM
The original carb was a Carter AFB which is pretty much identical to your Edelbrock, not a Holley. I've used the Edelbrock carburetor with the stock air cleaner and never had a problem. I did have to use an o-ring to raise it about 1/8 inch to clear the accelerator linkage. I didn't use a spacer. If it floods you may have bad or misadjusted floats or bad needle valves. Poor acceleration is usually due to a bad or misadjusted accelerator pump. There are a ton of ways to dial in your carburetor using different size jets, different rods and springs. Did you adjust it at all or just take it out of the box and install it.


12-10-2016, 11:52 AM
As stated, it seems the correct original carburetor was the Carter product; I believe Carter #2853, Ford #5752040 in 1959 & Carter #2992, Ford #COLE-9510-A, w/ tag #FLK OBA in 1960.

But, as I have written previously, Holley and Ford list the Holley model: 1850, Holley List #1850 & #R1850AAS, Ford #5752426 w/ a tag #CKM9BA present on the carb, as also correct?

Note, the #9510 you present is only part of the Ford numbering system (not Holley), in this case identifying the unit stamped with such as a carburetor (may include other fuel delivery components also).

The Edelbrock product (what is the part number on yours as there are several?) is a popular replacement unit for this application, and seems to work well, generally. It would seem, that this is one of those instances where one gets the opportunity to get involved with their "old car", buy a rebuild kit, and "clean-up" the old carburetor. The "FUN" of old cars part! Right!

Please be aware that just purchasing a new (proper) unit, installing it, and assuming that's the end of your worries (carburetor), may be somewhat misguided. New carburetors are somewhat "universal" in their intended applications, and therefore may require some tuning efforts on your part for best results. The previously mentioned "FUN" you may endeavor would provide the opportunity to become familiar with the carburetor's components and it's function, thereby giving you the "leg-up" on matters in this tuning process.

"Adapter plate", above the carburetor under the air cleaner assy., or below the carburetor to the manifold?

Remember ..................FUN! Scott.

12-15-2016, 07:00 PM
Hey Rob

Be careful when you order a replacement carb, the Holley replacement offered on a lot of the sites is a 465 CFM model (I know because I have one) and it completely under sized for our motors. 600 CFM minimum

this is off Summit

Carburetor, Model 4160, 465 cfm, Square Bore, Hot Air Choke, 4-Barrel, Vacuum, Single Inlet, Dichromate, Each $$$