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11-27-2016, 07:03 PM
Eleven years ago we bought this pre-lit tree. Last year several of the light strings decided to stop working, so my wife decided to buy new lights. "LEDs" I insisted. The whites have been improved over the last several years and they are a nice warm color now. She chose the combination, and I think it looks nice. Six strings of 50 lights cost less than $70. The star is incandescent and only cost $10. Total wattage is about 25.

The big job though was removing the old lights. Armed with a wire cutter and my wife and daughter helping, it took us almost two hours. Six man hours of labor. No wonder the new ones go for over $400.

Also a big plus was the weight of the tree is reduced by about 25 pounds. We nearly filled a 42 gallon trash can with the old lights and wire. That's a lot in a big bulky box that has to be hauled to and from a tight attic space.

11-27-2016, 07:20 PM
Here's another energy and time saver: battery operated window lights. I had a set from Walmart for several years now but they are starting to crap out on me, and True Value had these on sale, sets of four $9. Two AA batteries. You turn them on by tightening the bulb assembly. Once you turn them on, they stay on for 8 hours, then off for 16, and repeat until the batteries are dead. The one in this window requires a 13 foot ladder dragged out from the garage so without this feature it wouldn't be there.