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10-12-2016, 09:07 AM
new here but not to forums, so yes i searched first

TLDR: warning flashers don't currently work

i have a 66 town hardtop that i'm getting ready to safety so i can plate and insure (then park for winter, yay Canadian winters), the car is in really good shape but i have some electrical to sort out.

i have downloaded and printed a wiring diagram

im not sure the one below is correct to my car? ( some wire colours don't match up )


my car has overhead switches and lights ( i think this is a package ? )


i have taken down the assembly and checked all the bulbs and tested the switch for continuity with my multimeter, all check out, so i put it back up ( after i figured out the fuel light relay was seised and that is why the low fuel light stayed on even with the key off, thats replaced and now works properly, the gauge however may be another thread )

next i checked the flasher i found by the fuse block (3 wires to two pins)


both wires that attach here have 12v in any key position including off ? i unplugged one side at a time and tested them, both sides produce 12v constant, shouldn't one side of the flasher produce 12v pulses(flashes?)

scratching my head from there i went to the trunk, and this is the reason im not sure the second diagram is correct for me


the wire colours dont match up to the wires on the relays i have, and my turn signal relay has 4 wires vs the 3 on the diag.

on my relays both small light blue wires are hot, both white w/red are hot, orange is hot as it white w/blue, can i change these relays out with some new off the shelf ones and how do i go about one having four pins and the other having 3?

thanks in advance, sorry for the long read

10-13-2016, 01:25 PM
Mine is a '64 with few options and came without flashers and that fancy panel in the ceiling, so I can't help with the diagrams. The advice I can give is to clean and check all electrical connections before you dive into wiring issues. It takes very little corrosion or dirt on a connection for something not to work, especially a flasher. On my fuse panel I had to clean several contacts multiple times to get some stuff to work. Also clean and check all grounds in the circuit.

10-13-2016, 02:09 PM
I just replaced the 3 wire relay with a new bosch relay now the light on the panel works and the flasher clicks, working on the other 4 wire now, anyone have an internal diagram for this part? http://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_thunderbird/ford-thunderbird-emergency-flasher-relay-4-wire-plug-1966.html I can't get my multimeter to read between any of the pins

I'm following the "relay solution" I found around here somewhere, replaces the two relays with 3 5pin relays