View Full Version : Wanted lower half of Galaxie fan shroud

09-17-2016, 01:38 AM
Hey everyone, I'm looking for the lower section of a 62-63 Galaxie fan shroud. I have the upper section part # C3AZ 8147 B
And the lower section I need is C3AZ 8148 B.


09-17-2016, 02:27 AM
If you do not find it here, look in the Advertisements Forum. There you will find several companies who specialize in selling old parts. Call them up and give them the Part # because that is how they will look it up. If you call one place and they tell you they do not have it, ask them if their computer system tells them who does have it. I have done this before and they have been able to tell me who in this country did have the part I was looking for in their stock...