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09-15-2016, 02:46 PM
In the course of helping locate parts for Steve's 428 '66 Tbird I discovered information regarding our Tbird parts that I did not know.

In talking with the Bird Nest and Thunderbird Hqs today I found out that Tbird Hqs (California) is the only company that makes the '58-'66 Tbird door panels and associated parts (and many other major parts we buy all the time). We have many Tbird parts vendors out there selling parts. But only a few Tbird parts companies actually make them, and the rest buy from them! In talking with Thunderbird Hqs they said they manufacture some 1,800 Tbird parts and that between them, Larry's Tbird & Mustang Parts, (also in California) and the Bird Nest, (in Oregon) the three companies make 90% of the Tbirds parts that are available from all our Tbird parts houses! Unfortunately, they were not able to give me a list of which tbird parts who is making...

For years, I have ordered parts primarily from the Bird Nest, the Bird House and Tbird Hqs. because of the great support they have given me. Not knowing that the parts I were ordering often had to be ordered by them from Tbird Hqs, or Larry's. Had I known that, I could have saved shipping times, and if I had done my price comparisons, I might have found that I could have saved money by ordering from the manufacturing source instead of one of the Tbirds parts houses that was also selling their parts. Usually, the other Tbird parts houses stock the parts that others are manufacturing. But sometimes, they are out of stock and have to order from the manufacturing company. When ordering in the future, ask the company if they are the manufacturing company. If they are, you probably want to order directly from them. If they are not, ask the company you are about to order from if they are not the manufacturer of that part, then who is. You might also want to ask them if they have that part in stock, or if they will have to order it. If they have to order it, then you might want to order from the manufacturer directly instead. All three of those companies give good service to my knowledge. Here are their websites...




09-15-2016, 08:37 PM
That line of thinking makes a world of sense BUT...

I can buy Dennis Carpenter-made parts cheaper at other vendors. The parts bag is printed with DC's logo. Another example is carpeting. ACC kits are usually much cheaper if you buy through a parts house. (I made that mistake once and later found my exact kit at a cheaper price.)

Another one is New Port Engineering (http://www.newportwipers.com/) (electric windshield wipers). Not only are they cheaper from J.P.L. in Aliquippa, PA, but the vendor offers free drop shipping from New Port.

I guess the bottom line is, check your prices.

Just yesterday, I called Summit about a FE roller cam set (including lifters). Turns out the cam ($412) and the lifters ($536) total $948. The kit with exact same inclusive parts cost $980.00. That's just wrong.

I'm tired of donating but if you don't check prices they will be very happy to lighten your wallet. - Dave