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08-30-2016, 07:52 PM
Here is another source for Tbird parts. Colorado Auto & Parts, in Englewood, Colorado. Contact info: Owner, Gary Corns, Phone # 800-222-0743, ext. 611 (Presently, this number did not work for me when I called it). Or 303-761-0112. Email: info@coloradoautoandparts.com

They have the following Tbirds on their lots: a '60, 2 '64's, 2 '66's, 2 '67's, a '68, 2 '69's, and a '77. They are complete and several of them are convertibles, but he does not remember off the top of his head which years are. They would have to physically check them. Keep in mind that many of them have been sitting on their lots for quite a few years, but they are available to have parts pulled from them.