View Full Version : Cessna Powered Plymouth Video....

08-30-2016, 04:32 PM
For those who have not seen pix of this Plymouth with the Cessna radial engine, or those who have not seen this video, you should enjoy this. From Jay Leno's Garage!


As a result of what Gary said on the video with Jay, about him having many acres of cars on their lots, I decided to call him and he returned the call just a few minutes ago. He said he had a great time doing the interview with Jay and showing off his Plymouth. I asked him if he had any Tbirds in his stock and he does. He has a 60, 2 '64's, 2 66's, 2 67's, a '68, 2 '69's, and a '77, all of them complete, and a few of them are convertibles. Now they have been sitting on his lots for many years, but they are available for parts off them. I will post the contact information in our Advertisements Forum.