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08-28-2016, 02:29 AM
I have found out that an absolute jewel of a 1959 Squarebird Convertible is for sale in Louisiana! It was featured on the front and back cover of the November/December 2015 VTCI Scoop magazine. It has been advertised for sale in the last two editions of the Scoop. It is not cheap though because it is a Vintage Thunderbird Club, International Senior and Best Of Show car. I know this car well, because it used to be owned by Lou Paliani, Past President of the VTCI, who lives here in San Antonio, and is a member of my Tbird club! I did not know this car was for sale until one of the members of my club told me about it at a club meeting I went to yesterday. It is owned by a well known member of the Acadian Tbirds Club in Louisiana, Van Gale, and I know him well. I just spoke with him on the phone. He is asking $40,000, plus shipping, (which I understand includes a spare 430MEL engine, tranny and parts) for this award winning Squarebird. What you would be getting is like a brand new car, as this car has been fully restored, is my understanding. Here are some details on it.

First of all, this is a "J" Code Squarebird, meaning it has the 430MEL big engine and heavy duty transmission in it. It does not have air-conditioning that I know of. It does have a new interior, Color - Indian Turquoise, Code D. It holds the VTCI Senior Car designation and Best Of Show, Driven, at the VTCI New Orleans International convention, 6/2014. This Tbird has been winning awards for Lou Paliani, and for Van Gale, after Lou sold it to him, for years. It was invited to two Concours d' Elegance shows; 1)The Inn At St. John's in Plymouth, Michigan in 2014, and 2)Hemming's Concours in Saratoga, NY in 2015. This is an award winning car that often is awarded Best Of Show at many car shows. If you are interested you can email Van at: ostergale1@aol.com, or call him on his Cell Phone at 504-583-5608, or home at 504-368-1209.

Attached are several pictures of it for you to look at. This car is usually trailored to events because it is an outstanding VTCI Award Winning Senior car, meaning that it has won so many Regional awards for Best Of Show, and 1st Place in Class over the years, that in 2014, it was judged and awarded the VTCI Senior Car status.

I am aware that many of you on here are or were VTCI members and know Lou Paliani. You have probably heard that he has had health issues for the past several years. He has been on dialysis for awhile, and on a kidney transplant list. It was thought last year that he would be getting a kidney, but that fell through and he is still waiting. I talk with him from time to time, and did just recently. He is hanging in there, hoping that something will come through on a kidney.

Dan Leavens
08-30-2016, 08:55 AM
Ray it is hoped that a kidney is found soon for Lou.

He is hanging in there, hoping that something will come through on a kidney.

04-23-2017, 01:08 PM
Van Gale still has his gorgeous '59 Squarebird for sale. He is headed to the VTCI Show in Atlanta with it, trailoring it, as usual. It is still racking up awards, I am sure. He has dropped the price to $40K and knowing this car, it has been appraised for more than that. Read the information below.

Dan Leavens
04-23-2017, 07:05 PM
Ray she is a real beauty for sure. How is Lou by the way and hope he has or is near his transplant? Say hello for me the next time you talk to him please.