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07-28-2016, 09:15 PM
Usually, I maintain a steady email correspondence with Jay Davidson in Massachusetts. However, for the last few weeks, I had not heard anything from him. I thought perhaps he was on vacation. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I had emailed him and his wife Brenda saw the email and responded. Here is what she had to say.

"Hi Ray,

This is Jay's wife Brenda...I saw your messages and wanted you to know that Jay is in the hospital right now. I know Jay would have answered you if he was around. I do not know if you know that Jay has Parkinson's and he has had a tough couple of months being in and out of the hospital. He was home for a couple of weeks and has been back again at the hospital for at least two weeks. The doctor's are trying to tweak his medication. Hopefully he will be home soon. I will let him know you had an inquiry.


In all our correspondence, Jay never mentioned his health problem he was fighting. I asked Brenda if she minded if I post something in the Forum and she said she would appreciate that. Please add Jay to your prayers for a full recovery. Thank you.

Dan Leavens
07-29-2016, 09:29 AM
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jay and Brenda during his ordeal with Parkinson's.

Dan and Marg Calgary

08-06-2016, 09:59 AM
Will do. ;)

-Jon in TX.