View Full Version : Pertronix 1.5 or 3 ohm coil

07-15-2016, 09:58 PM
I bought a 3 ohm coil for my 60 sunliner with 352 not knowing that the instructions were going to tell me the 3 ohm is not recommended for V8's. So will the 3 ohm work or do I need to get the 1.5?

07-15-2016, 11:34 PM
The only function Pertronix performs is to short your coil to ground when spark should happen. Your points did exactly the same thing, but mechanically. Also, Pertronix uses no condenser.

Pertronix offers their own coils with different internal resistance called, 'Flame throwers', that should be used with a properly sized ballast resistor (if any at all). (Call Pertronix for ballast sizing.)

You can use your OEM coil and ballast resistor BUT make sure your Pertronix unit is fed with NON-resistor wire that comes from +12 volts (on the red wire to your distributor). - Dave

07-15-2016, 11:55 PM
I have the flamethrower 3 ohm coil. Will it work properly when I bypass the resistance wire or do I need the flamethrower 1.5 ohm coil?

07-16-2016, 12:27 AM
Your shop manual says the OEM coil has a primary resistance of:
1.4-1.54 ohms.

It also says your OEM ballast resistor should measure:
1.3-1.4 ohms.

If the Flame Thrower is a 1.5 ohm coil, it is the same as your original coil and it will work well with your original ballast resistor.

For proper ballast resistance on the 3 ohm Flame Thrower, call Pertronix. To me, it looks suspiciously like an 'internal resistance' coil because if I add the OEM ballast resistance and the OEM coil resistance, I come up with about three ohms. - Dave