View Full Version : 1960 Convertible project for sale

06-08-2016, 04:41 PM
At a car show recently I had the opportunity to speak with a man who had a 60 Convertible for sale. He bought the car with his paper route money and planned to restore it and drive it to his High School Prom. Well, he is in his early sixties and got to do very little other than find a 58 HT for some parts including an A/C system. The car was inspected and did run when it was parked in the family garage in the early 70's. His brother owns the garage in Unadilla NY now and Russ lives in the Baltimore area. Russ is very personable and is serious about selling this car. Right away he said he would sell the and the 58 with all the parts for 5,000. If I didn't have a similar project at home now I would have taken a look at it. I mentioned that I would post the link to his Craigslist ad with pics. Carl