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06-07-2016, 02:24 PM
Jim Reed just sent me the eBay listing for a '58 Hardtop Convertible or Convertible Hardtop being offered for sale by Corvette Mike in California. This '58 left the factory as a Hardtop, but sometime in the past, the top was taken off and was converted to a Convertible. They attached locking clamps to the front and back to lock it back in place when the top is lifted back in place. Unfortunately, you don't see them in the pictures or the video. I would imagine this would be a four man job of lifting that top off and back on again. The soft top when not in use, fits into the trunk.

Here is some additional information that I just got from Troy. A previous owner cut off the top, but made it so it can be secured back in place again. I talked with Troy at Corvette Mike's, and he said the front latches into the standard convertible top latches, and the back end of the top slips into latches in the rear area and locks it in place. He also said that if you look closely at the trunk pictures you will see that the trunk is a '58-'60 Convertible trunk, that opens up from the front, instead of the tail end, allowing the soft top to go into the trunk. Troy also said that he does not know if whoever did this modification put in the additional strengthening panels that a Squarebird Convertible would have when it left the factory... If not, then this Tbird could have the same problems that others have had in the past, when someone chopped the top off a Squarebird to make it a Convertible. Owners have had their windshields crack due to flexing of the body without the additional strengthening panels..

This Tbird is listed in the Tbird Registry as Registry #712, though there are a couple of incorrect errors in the Data Plate coding listed. I have advised John Rotella of that. It left the factory with a black/black interior and was scheduled for production on 02 April, '58, not March. Here is the link to it and there are plenty of pix and a couple of videos to look at... There is about an hour of bidding left, and the bid is at $23,300, with 19 bids submitted so far. Thanks, Jim for sending this!


06-07-2016, 06:16 PM
I saw that one - very nice actually - but would be good to know if the frame was strengthened.

Believe it was made much like the retro birds where it has an automatic convertible top but a detachable hard top that stores on a stand. They should have advertised that part of it a little better IMHO.
Here's a video of the top working.

25K - humm - restored 12 years ago. Probably about 1/2 or 3/4 of what it cost to build depending on how much work the owner did. Manual brakes unless it has the K/H booster under the dash (probably drums) and no A/C. Sounds like it has a BAD exhaust leak - maybe a cracked manifold. Think they did pretty good on the price.

Hope the person that bought it finds us and can fill us in on the details.


06-07-2016, 06:47 PM
Hi Eric, it did sell for $24,300, according to the website. Troy said it sold to a previous owner of the car! Someone in it's past, probably before it was modified, decided to buy it back and did. I see there were 25 bidders on it. Troy has taken down our Forum information, website, my phone number and is going to pass on that information to the owner when he picks up the car. I told Troy a bit about our Forum, and that we help our membership troubleshoot, repair, and restore their Tbirds. He will pass all that on and has also put it on record as they get a couple of Tbirds a year to repair or sell. So now he knows who to contact if they need help repairing or finding parts for one. Thanks for the video, as I did not see the one with the soft top going up and down.