View Full Version : looking for manual steering components

05-29-2016, 05:50 PM
I am looking for manual steering components to fit my '58 (hoping to convert from power steering).



Dan Leavens
05-30-2016, 08:53 AM
John first glad to see the girls are visiting the DQ.

May I ask why you are thinking of converting to manual steering on your 58?

05-30-2016, 07:33 PM
I have had it for 13 years and all the power steering components have never been on it. Always something more important to do, it seemed. A couple years or so ago it struck me that I would be perfectly happy with manual steering and also avoiding all the paraphenalia to do with power. The guy at Pat Wilson TBirds tells me it only takes a few parts.

Bottom line: simple is better.

Dan Leavens
05-30-2016, 08:04 PM
John that certainly explains the why. Let us know how it turns out on the conversion.

06-02-2016, 03:38 PM
It occurs to me that I probably overstated things.

What I am trying to do is replace enough parts so as to have the car function correctly as a manual steering car. Whether the final front end is a mix of parts, I don't care about.

I spent some time under it today and the main item that seems to need replacing is the control valve. I think that the long centering spring in it gives the steering a degree of sloppiness that I would like to get rid of. Looking in the shop manual at the correspoding parts for the manual steering, the springs involved are very short and small.

Any help appreciated!

06-02-2016, 04:16 PM
I've never found sloppiness in the steering to be a problem with the control valve. All the centering spring does is keep the spool in the correct position so the car doesn't pull left or right. Sloppiness in the steering is almost always due to a worn or out of adjustment steering gear. That's assuming that your tie rods, ball joints, idler arm bushings and control arm bushings are in good condition. Going to manual steering isn't going to fix a bad steering gear.


06-02-2016, 06:44 PM
OK . . . assuming for sake of discussion my front end parts are in good shape ( I believe they are. Did replace the idler arm a year ago), what exactly do I replace and where do I get it? Do new parts exist or do I hope for a not-very-worn used one?

(later): this guy here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-NOS-1958-Ford-T-Bird-Steering-Gear-Sector-B-8A-3575-A-/152103101132?hash=item236a0d22cc:g:NuMAAOSwstxVR8R q&vxp=mtr ?

If the steering gear were replaced with a good one, could I then use the power steering components (with no power) and have the equivalent of manual steering?

Finally (almost no end to my ignorance) if the gear is worn, is it likely that the gear which it meshes with is also in need of replacement?

The chassis of the car has over 150K miles on it, so anything can be worn out - nothing taken for granted.