View Full Version : Puppys dying

05-25-2016, 08:58 AM
My wife and I like to re-use an expression we heard years ago. "Whenever anyone uses an apostrophe s to make a noun plural, a puppy dies." Lately, we seem to have the opportunity to use it more often.

I'm amused at how some people get upset when they realize that they have been killing puppies for years, then make every excuse to convince themselves that they aren't wrong. But, alas, the rules of grammar are clear.

Well, at least translucent.

The other day my wife read an article in the paper about the Oakland A's. Gasp! What does this noun called A own? I explained that the apostrophe was there to signify an omission of letters; an abbreviation, since the actual name of the team is The Oakland Athletics. Never one to trust the Old Man, she consulted "The Google" and found out that this use of an apostrophe is indeed correct.

So, "mind your P's and Q's", and please stop killing puppies. Or is it "mind your Ps and Qs"? :D