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04-26-2016, 08:46 PM
'58 heater control - probably would clean up to driver quality - $40

York A/C compressor - was told it was working and came off a '61 - $40
Shipping will be expensive - it's heavy

Mapco FE A/C bracket - probably for a truck - won't fit a Squarebird - hits the expansion tank - bearing on the idler pulley is bad $50.

Mapco FE A/C bracket #2. This one fits a Squarebird because I modified it to clear the expansion tank neck - had it on my car for a while before I found a different one I want to use $50

Air duct for non A/C Squarebird. All works but needs a good cleaning and repaint - $20

Firewall heater cover and fan for non A/C Squarebird. Fan spins but not tested. $20

Squarebird Interior heater plenum and heater core (untested) $20

Fram NOS fuel filter for the Ford Autolite 4100. $5

'58-'59 Tail light lenses and trim rings - barely driver quality.
All probably have a chip and some chrome loss.
5 trim rings and 3 lenses. $20

Fuel pump #1
Used - installed a new one and it didn't solve the problem which was the fuel tank. Kept this one as a spare - been sitting in the garage 3-4 years. Thought someone might want it as a spare or test unit before buying a new one. May need rebuilding? Free + shipping.

Fuel pump #2
Small amount of oil coming out of the vent holes on the front - could have been my homemade PCV conversion not working properly and building up pressure in the engine. It hasn't been cleaned so you can see it wasn't a LOT of oil. May need rebuilding though. Free + shipping.

Have another fuel pump (#3) - supposedly rebuilt.
Free + shipping

Also - found an Adjust-o-ring mirror.
Base is nice - ring has some pits on the inside bottom - mirror is good but the glass is slightly scratched - $40 (will add a pic this evening)

I'll be shipping via USPS flat rate boxes or standard USPS if it's cheaper.

The big stuff won't make it overseas - at least not for a reasonable price. I'll ship to the UK and Australia - other places ask. I declare full value on my packages.


04-27-2016, 09:48 PM
Here's the mirror - pitting is on the ring - the stuff on the mirror back is just a reflection.

Bill A
04-28-2016, 11:58 PM
Eric, I sent you a PM but want to confirm I want the fuel filter. Let me know shipping cost and desired payment.


Bill Abate
zip 19001


02-27-2017, 05:24 AM
Here's the mirror - pitting is on the ring - the stuff on the mirror back is just a reflection.
are you still selling this/ if so how much?