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04-16-2016, 02:30 PM
Brian, you contacted the Forum via our Contact Us facility regarding not being able to log onto the Forum. Those emails come to me and I have responded to you, but you have not replied to me to allow you to help you. I have replied to you via the Forum. Look for an email from either rayclark07 "at" att.net, or yellowrose "at" squarebirds.org and let me know what problem you are having.

Every new user joining our Forum is asked to enter several email addresses into their email client before they join the Forum. This is to allow us to communicate with you and assist you when you are experiencing any problems with the Forum. Many times we answer emails addressed to the webmaster but ya'll never get them because you have not entered the necessary email addresses into your address book. They end up going into your Spam or Deleted folder. We cannot answer from the webmaster email address. This system will not allow us to do so. Here is what John~jopizz and I send you in a PM when each new user joins the Forum. Please do this so that we can better communicate with you.

"I have processed and approved your Squarebirds.org application for membership and posted a Welcome to you in the New Members Welcoming Forum. Please read it and welcome aboard!

In the interest of communicating with you, if you have not done so, please add the following email addresses to your address book. webmaster@squarebirds.org; Our Webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected@aol.com, John Pizzi ~ jopizz@verizon.net, and Ray Clark ~ rayclark07@att.net and yellowrose@squarebirds.org. This should keep any email from one of us in a leadership position on this Forum from going into your Spam or Deleted folder."

Brian, please look for that email from me so I can help you get logged back onto the Forum. I am hoping you will read this as a Guest. Any one of you can also call me at 210-674-5781, and I will be glad to talk you through it. Or you can call jopizz or Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, our fantastic webmaster.