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03-21-2016, 02:06 AM
Lex ~ lexdownunder sent me this information regarding their recent car show on Tasmania, and an interesting Custom Car he took pix of. I see it has been modified for right hand drive also.

"We had our annual Devonport Car Show yesterday with over 700 cars on show. Many thousands of people came through including many from mainland Australia. It was a great show considering we are only a small island. Only two Thunderbirds though, mine & a '56 babybird.

I saw an interesting car which I've sent 6 pics. I have no idea what it actually is/was before being customised & painted. There are no emblems on the car at all so bit of a mystery. It has the Larry Watson paint & kind of looks a bit squarebird at the front & side. Rear lights look like cadillac. The interior pic is not very good. Too much reflection because the window was up so doesn't give any clues. The sign says Thunderbird Rod & Custom Club Victoria.

Do you have any clues what it might be?? Might be a good one to put on the website & see if anyone can identify it. Cheers Ray

After doing some research on that car, it appears to me to be a '59 Ford. Look at the hood, headlights, side view with that slightly swept back roof line and rear window, the trunk, and tail lights. It looks like someone took a '59 Ford Fairlane, or Galaxie and did a nice looking custom job on it, IMHO.. Here are the pix that Lex sent, followed by some pix of '59 Fords.
Thanks, Lex!

03-21-2016, 02:10 AM
Here are a couple of pix of the only 2 Tbirds at their show yesterday. Lex's gorgeous '59 Black Raven and a '56 Babybird.

03-21-2016, 05:04 AM
Top car is a '59 Ford alright - but in Aussie they got the same car/body shape for '59 & '60 so it could be one of them...'Tank Fairlane' they were called.

In NZ that name applied to the US body-styled '60 & '61 Fairlane.

(Got the 9" rear-end from one in my '55 f100.)

03-21-2016, 10:46 AM
These are American 1959 Ford cars. Our 1960 Ford was different.
1959 was the first year for the Galaxie which was really just a trim and paint package upgrade.

Notice that powder blue Ford at nearly the bottom, and how the rear glass (backlite) wraps around. All NON-Galaxie roofs look like this.

Now look at the white car below it. Like a Squarebird, the backlite does NOT wrap around. This is the only Galaxie on your post. It also has stars in the grille. - Dave