View Full Version : Rear axle seal leak

03-20-2016, 10:55 PM
Last time I cleaned out my differential and installed new wheel bearings I found that the passenger side half shaft was corroded at the sealing surface. I installed it as is and hoped for the best. After two months I found a puddle of diff oil under the car next to that tire so pulled the axle back out to inspect, finding the leak at the seal.

Apparently kits are made for some GM axles which include a bushing and oversize seal. But not for Fords. Luckily I found a local machine shop that could fix it. He cut out the corroded area on a lathe to the exact size of a bushing then froze the axle, heated up a bushing and slid it over the area. After the temperatures were equal he trimmed out the bushing OD to the correct size.