View Full Version : Down Under Rock-n-Rollers.....

02-04-2016, 09:01 AM
I received the following from Lesley-n-Chris Panagaris ~ bird 60 this morning!

Dan Leavens
02-04-2016, 09:14 AM
Sounds like it going to be a blast:D
Chris let us know how it went and send some pixs.

Ian M Greer
02-04-2016, 11:30 AM
Chris , your living the life , now I'm really jealous !(Remember Not All Birds Fly South)Ian

bird 60
02-04-2016, 06:31 PM
The '34 Rod belongs to my Brother. I was asked along with my Wife to model for the occasion.:D He is organizing the Cars & Bands & wanted his Car featured.:rolleyes: He said that I could take my Bird along as well but I didn't 'cause it was showering. I also don't allow any one sitting or resting on the Bird.:)
The show is tomorrow 34c & will send some Pix.
Even though I'm 4 months away from 70 & my Wife 63 we go Rock N Rolling regularly. I'm talking about the '50s '60s Jive.
Well, I guess I better clean the Bird for tomorrow.

Chris......From OZ.