View Full Version : NOS 1960 352 C0AE-9155-A Fuel Filters For Sale

01-14-2016, 07:02 PM
Recently acquired a station-wagon load of spare parts from a previous 1957 & 1960 owner. Still sorting through. I am running an Edelbrock on my 1960 352 so these won't work for me. They are NOS C0AE-9155-A (and compatible) fuel filters that fit the stock 1960 352 carb configuration. Will not work on 430. Also fits some Big Ford and Edsel 1960. Some of the boxes are nicer than others. If your fuel filter / carb config looks like the one in the last pic - Thx Eric / Dkheld I don't know how to link to your orig post of this engine pic... - these are correct for your set-up.

3 FOMOCO script w/gasket
4 PUROLATOR GF-11-3 nices boxes
2 ATLAS FF-3 nice boxes
3 AC GF-70
1 FRAM G-7
PM if you have any interest or questions.
$20 FOMOCO / $12 Others ea incl postage in USA, first come first served. Big discount if you want them all!

And....if you need a 1958-60 bumper core for re-chroming or what-have-you, I have 2 front & 1 rear, complete with guards Buffalo NY area.