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11-24-2015, 09:47 PM
Gary ~ Destiny, has been buying things to spruce up his garage for his gorgeous '57 Babybird. Here are some of the things that he has bought recently. He also gave me the links to them in case others want to fix up their Tbird or garage some also.

Tbird license plate frames at: http://www.BestLicensePlateFrames.com

Tbird vintage inspection stickers at: www.InspectionSticker.com (use the Bob Hoyt inspection sticker link)

Authentic Tbird year calendar found on EBay. Key in year for the calendar of your Tbird

Tbird signs on EBay under (key in tbird year) T-Bird signs. They had hundreds to choose from including most years.

Original Texas (pick State) 1957 (pick year) license plate found on EBay under, 1957 (or pick year) Texas (or State) plates.

For those of you who are into gas pumps or replica pumps, check this out.

Gas Pump Heaven Pumps $602-$1,800! Keep clicking on the Texaco pumps to see the prices. There are 9 pix on this webpage. The cheapest ones they have for sale are the Half size pumps for $602.


More stuff:
http://www.compare99.com/compare.html?q=texaco-gas-pumps&ort=Texaco-Gas-Pumps-Sale&adid=iaCkp562yKmTltCPqpKlYLHX0KGlWdDNoIWXq8LF0l55l NSPs6afo9SI1m6ZlNbViZSalNOf1w%3D%3D&gaa=T&gclid=CIep0IWYqskCFYRDaQodGTkD-A