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11-19-2015, 11:49 PM
Hey everyone,

As much as I hate to do it, life has led me to the point where I need to sell off my flairbird project. So, here's what you get should you be interested:

1964 Hardtop
Currently painted Samoan Coral with Wimbledon White top, but was originally Rose Beige Metallic. Interior panels are in pretty rough shape, especially door panels. Interior is also beige. The car did run before I started dismantling it. It started up with no issues whatsoever. Currently it is drained of coolant as I intended to pull the engine and trans to clean them up and repaint them. It is a factory A/C car, no cruise control, no power seats or windows. I'm not sure on the mileage as the speedometer unit is out of the car and I haven't looked at it recently. All 4 wheels covers are intact and in very good shape, as is most of the front and rear bumpers. There is some pitting in the chrome on a few of the window surrounds. The car spent a good portion of its life in the deep south, so the only rust on the car is in and around the battery tray from corrosion, and some minor surface rust on the underside. I have title in hand as well.

Now, for a few other things. I went ahead and purchased a full front disc brake conversion kit from ABS, as well as a brand new 2 stage booster and master cylinder. I also have drum refresh kits for both rear drums, a full engine gasket set, a full A/C compressor gasket set, and a heavy duty swaybar, all purchased from Larry's.

I won't lie, the car needs some work. The interior is going to have to be completely replaced. The seats aren't in horrible shape, but rewrapping them might not be the worst idea. At the very least, the padding needs some help. Whoever painted the car did a less than great job. It isn't dreadful, but there's a few places where it looks like they didn't prep it correctly. Then there's the wiring. Most of the harnesses are intact, but they will need to be checked over to make sure they are still serviceable.

Even with all that, the car is totally solid. Certainly one of the better unrestored specimens I came across in my search a couple years ago. I'm asking $4000 for it, simply because of the upgrades I purchased for the car. I am not a premium member here, but if you're interested, shoot me a PM and I'll get you some pictures of the car.

Thanks in advance guys,