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11-18-2015, 07:27 PM
One of the things that I am often asked about when I am helping someone find the Tbird of their dreams is if I know anyone in the classic car appraisal business. My reply has always been that I did not, and that they should google it to find someone. I no longer have to do that anymore! Today, we had a highly Accredited Senior Appraiser, a member of the American Society of Appraisers, join our Forum! His company does appraisals on all kinds of personal property, with a focus on motor vehicles. Especially classic cars and Tbirds!

Jon Lundberg, Sr., ~ DSRTDWELR, on the Forum, of Oro Valley, Arizona joined us because he was looking for information regarding a 1963 Bulletbird that he was running an appraisal on. He had a question regarding the "stance" of the car, which jopizz was able to answer for him. As a result of that post, I decided to contact him by PM and email regarding his vocation. After a long conversation with him on the phone, I find that he has connections all over the country through his company, Southwest Valuations, LLC in Tucson. We have found someone who can perform the necessary evaluations of about any car you may want to buy, either in his own area, or he can put you in contact with others with the same abilities that he has, in all the USA, and beyond!

I am going to list him in the Advertisements Forum so that in the future, we will always have someone we can contact to do an appraisal for us when needed. There is a map that I will post a link to that will tell you who to contact when looking for an appraiser in a State that you are considering buying in. There will be a fee, of course, and that depends on a number of different criteria. The report you receive will not be a cursory examination of the car, as some others do, but a very detailed one, with pictures taken of the car on location by the appraiser. Pictures of the Data Plate, and other badge information, and a complete and full examination of the car, top and bottom. That report can be 12-20 pages of very detailed information regarding that vehicle. I have told him about our 19 page Vehicle Check List in the Technical Resource Library and he has reviewed it. He said that is an outstanding check list. I gave him permission to use it in his appraisals, and I think he will.

You will find a .pdf document of his professional experience as an Appraiser of Fine Motor Vehicles. Here also is a link to his website, the Vehicle Valuation Services website, showing the map where you can find someone in your area to perform an appraisal for you.

Put your cursor on any State on the map to find a contact for an appraiser. If you should have any problems contacting one, contact Jon and he can help.


Curriculum Vitae of Jon W. Lundberg, Sr., ASA