View Full Version : 428 carb and AC

11-18-2015, 06:22 PM
My Q code 66 has aftermarket carb and AC compressor. Is the carb and compressor used on the 390 engine the same as the 428? Will the throttle linkage and compressor bracket and braces fit the 428? Was the 428 engine available in other
Fords and is the air cleaner housing the same as the Thunderbird?

11-18-2015, 07:39 PM
The 390 and 428's were pretty much identical as far as the parts they used. The carburetor used was the Autolite 4100 1.08 venturi 480 cfm. The air compressor, brackets and braces were the same as were the accelerator linkage and air cleaner. The only way to visually tell the difference without digging around for the block codes were the stickers on the air cleaner. Ford used the 428 on other models in 1966 as well.