View Full Version : 58-60 (2) free used gas tanks

09-15-2015, 08:06 PM
Getting rid of the two gas tanks I have.

Kept my original tank thinking some day I would need to restore it and put it back on the car (not sure what drugs I was taking but they must have been strong) It's been cleaned and coated but the car still kept starving for fuel - could have been a fuel pump but I'm not putting the tank back on to find out.

Also the replacement tank I used for about 4 years until it developed a leak at the fuel line outlet. The leak is at the welded insert for the fuel line. The radiator shop I took it to wanted close to what a new tank cost to fix it so just bought another new one.

Free + what ever shipping costs (GUESSING around $40 in the US). Have the original shipping boxes so shouldn't be a problem and they have been dry for years and don't smell like fuel so Fed-X shouldn't be concerned.

If no one wants them by the end of the month I'll take them to the metal recycling facility.

Don't have a pic of the inside of the original but this is a pic of the inside of the replacement that has a leak.

Thanks, Eric