View Full Version : '66 Flairbird 4 Sale

09-06-2015, 07:25 PM
This person is not a member of our Forum, but asked me to post this information for him in case anyone is looking for a nice '66 Flairbird. Below this, I will post some pix he sent.

"I recently traded for a 1966 t-bird that came with a Bob's bird house key chain. From the trail I was able to find is it used to be one that Bob's owned in the past. Its a 1966 2 door hard top brittney blue. I am looking to sell this car due to a death in the family. If you have anyone interested please feel free to contact me thru the email address I provided, or on facebook Bill steinjan. The car is with me in Niagara Falls New York currently. I am asking $13,500.00 or best offer."

William Steinjan ~ tattoofreek41076"at"aol.com