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08-27-2015, 10:54 PM
Whilst having a discussion on a Tbird forum here in Oz about disk brakes for 64Thunderbirds. I found a company that sells coil over struts and disk brake kits for a multitude of Fords both Australian and US but they don't seem to make a kit for Thunderbirds. I know you guys don't have inside information on the company but is there something way different with Thunderbird suspension compared to a Mustang, Torino, Ranchero, Fairlanes and Galaxies that would be the reason for that. I am not an expert on suspension and have no idea about the differences between suspension on these Fords. Is it because of the weight differences that hangs over the front end of a Tbird or something else?
The link to the company is below.

08-27-2015, 11:21 PM
Stubbie, the glitch is not in the suspension, it's in the firewall bracket and the fact that there are not many who want to purchase a disk brake package each year. On our forum, there are probably three or four per year. That's not enough to run production firewall brackets that also articulate. In order to fit a booster, it must be raised five inches and pulled out from the firewall another five inches.

Scarebirds and others make plenty of wheel setups but if you cannot run a power booster it's not a system. This forum is full of discussion regarding power disk brakes, wheels that fit, boosters and masters, firewall brackets and brake pedal linkage. - Dave