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10-24-2006, 08:27 PM
Thanks for your time first of all.

I just bought a red 66 fairlane 2 dr sedan.

here is the info on her...

289 (Built built built)
I got a dyno sheet with 260 rr wheel Hp from the PO
Oh yeah, and it has a really nice system in it...

Obviously the PO cared about going fast and listening to loud music, nothing wrong with either as long as the rest of the car isnt literally falling apart, which, BTW, it is.

I have been looking for a car to give me and my dad something to do together. I settled on this one because it was in the budget and Dad had the same car with a 390 in it when it was new. Dads into old fords and Plymouths. My last cars were Bmw's and GTI's/ They went good, turned great, and stopped well. This thing wont turn or stop, it has 4 wheel drums...which is what my first car had. (64 ford galaxie)

We spent the day fixing the brakes, Thanks Dad!

So, here is where Im at. the PO was the wood screw type if you know what I mean. None of the right fasteners are in it, things are siliconed onto the body work, and there is more bondo and rust through than I can count. However, the rust through is in very fixable areas, none in the shock towers, frame corners or supports. It had the rt rr qtr replaced at some point, pretty poorly.

These are the things I need to look at first...suggestions on where to get them would really be appreciated, Im 37 now and havent bought a part for an old ford since I was 16(In 85) and back then, all of the parts places had stuff for em. Now, I get looked at funny by the kid behind the counter, of course he drives a 13 second import with more flash than a playboy shoot...

Window seals
rr qtr's
tail lights and hd light bezels
window felts and rubbers
floor pans and such....

I know there is a place somewhere that has the good stuff, can one of you help me find it?

Thanks again for your patience, and your time...


10-25-2006, 10:27 AM
Welcome to the site:

Weatherstripping and some of the trim parts can be obtained from http://www.dennis-carpenter.com/ . They make fine quality parts for most Fords including Thunderbirds.

I found another source for Fairlane parts here:

http://www.nextag.com/ford-fairlane-1967/search-html .

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10-25-2006, 03:18 PM