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08-20-2015, 07:36 AM
This post is sort of auto related. My latest project was refurbishing a 1937 Bennett 76 gas pump. It was taken out of service in the mid 60's and sat behind a barn for 20 yrs before I took it in. I painted it a couple times, but this time I tore it down. Everything inside is intact, but gears are frozen so I didn't try to make it function. I really don't remember seeing these as a kid as I didn't start driving until 1971, but an older friend of mine is a gas pump parts distributor and he remembers them well. I'll post some before and after pics.

bird 60
08-20-2015, 07:51 PM
She doesn't look too bad Mike, but if you have $5-6 grand to spare:D Rick's Restoration will make it look like new again.

Chris......From OZ.

08-21-2015, 07:12 AM
Right ! For what little parts and my labor cost me... it looks great for MY shop! I think I'll keep it inside tho. Thanks.

08-21-2015, 07:30 AM
That is soooo cool, Mike. Unless you use it for pumping, who cares about the gears? I mean, who would know any different?

08-21-2015, 08:02 AM
Thnx Dave. I know a guy who got his functioning and circulating water internally and made the bell ring and "computer" reset, etc. Maybe the next one. This was a yellow and green Sinclair Dino originally. Remember?