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07-31-2015, 10:56 AM
HI Folks:

I did find a very lengthy thread on this, but I have a simple diagnosis question. Let me set the stage first:

1961 Convertible, the top worked just fine a few weeks ago, but since it is summer, we put it down, and leave it down. Went to work on the fuel sender, so I had to raise it up, but it won't go. The Trunk and Deck Lid open just fine, and I hear a "click" I assume to be the Top Erect Relay, but the pump does not engage. the only thing I have done is a basic tune up, so I don't think replacing spark plug wires, coil, distributor cap, and installing an electronic ignition would affect this.

So, is there a mininum voltage requirement that has to get through to the pump? If the Relay is "clicking" is that an indication of something right or wrong?

I suspect I can attach a electrical tester to measure the voltage getting to the pump.

Any helpful hints appreciated.

Yes, I do have the 1961 Shop Manual and the Convertible Top Maintenance Manual (which is really just a reprinted booklet of what is in the Shop Manual). :cool:

07-31-2015, 11:08 AM
The first thing I would do is unplug the wires going to the pump and put a test light or volt meter on the red wire. Then hit the switch to put the top up. If you get voltage then the pump is not operating. If you don't get voltage then it's most likely the top erect relay. Even though it may be clicking that doesn't mean it's sending voltage out. Also make sure the deck lid is all the way back so it contacts the two limit switches and that the flip lid is all the way up and not sagging so it loses contact with the limit switch.


07-31-2015, 01:39 PM
Let me add to John's post...
Look at your wiring diagram. It is split into two parts, POWER and CONTROL.

The big buss wires feed the relays and the contacts switch it on and off in a sequence.

If you manually energize the relays, you can make each function operate independently of the others. We use this to make sure motors and solenoids actually work.

Now we get to John's point. IF the pump relay is energized and the pump is not turning, check for voltage at the pump. If it is there, look for another pump. If no voltage is there, energize the correct relay and see if the pump operates. - Dave

07-31-2015, 03:10 PM
Yep, it is the Top Erect Relay going bad. It is working intermittently, so eligible for replacement. Thanks!

07-31-2015, 03:13 PM
Those relays are fairly easy to fix if you don't want to put out the money for a new one. There are contacts inside that normally just need to be cleaned.


07-31-2015, 06:43 PM
Thanks! I will open it up and see if I can fix it first!

Now it's time to find top-dead-center! LOL! Hey, thanks for the guidance.