View Full Version : Set-up your personal Squarebirds site using WS_FTP_LE

01-11-2004, 06:10 PM
Paid Squarebirds.org members are entitled to 20MB of webspace. To request space, send an email to Dave Dare ~ Simplyconnected@aol.com Dave is now the webmaster of this Forum. Tell him you want to set up your own Squarebirds web space. Provide him with your user name and password. He will set up your web space and inform you as to how to access it.

For those of you who may not know it, our Founder, Alexander Sosiak, passed away on 3-10-2008. It has been six years now and we still miss him. As a result of his passing, the daily operation of this Forum became my responsibility along with John Peters ~ driller, and Dan Leavens, our Canadian Administrator. Later on, we were fortunate to find Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, and he became our permanent Webmaster, replacing Alexander. We, and our Moderators, have dedicated ourselves to continue operating this Forum in the manner Alexander wished. We have chosen to leave all of Alexander's posts and threads in place because they contain a wealth of important information for all of us.